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How managers can help employees cope in an ever-changing world

Bestselling author Liggy Webb has teamed up with Cornerstone OnDemand for a series of two-minute ‘nano’ coaching sessions. The CEO of The Learning Architect explains how you can build an empowering work environment, even in the current climate of pandemic-induced anxiety and uncertainty…

Panic attacks and other anxiety-related internet searches are at an all-time high, research recently revealed. With so much going on and no one knowing what may come next, this is not really a surprise.

Employees are dealing with furlough, redundancy, working from home and the return to the office – all circumstances we may have never faced before. And all the while, for those still employed, there is still the same pressure to get our jobs done, to be productive and successful at work. There is no doubt about the consequences of this for employees’ wellbeing.

As a manager or leader, it’s now more important than ever to take on that role of supporting and empowering others and helping them to get through this. But, when taking on this role in uncertain and unknown times, what is the best way to approach and do this?

Keeping moving forward when you can’t see ahead

One thing this crisis has taught us is the need for empathy. To help your employees in this time, it’s vital to tap into your innately human skillset. It’s about understanding the strain and stress your employees may be under so you can help them be able to better manage it. Be the one to inspire and motivate them too. When we’re staring into the unknown, it can be easy to stick with what we know. But now is the time to be creative and think outside the box, finding new and different ways to adapt and still achieve business goals and follow your organisation’s mission.

Stepping back and allowing your team space to breathe

This may seem counterintuitive. You don’t like seeing your workforce unhappy and you want to jump in and help sort everything out. But remember, the most powerful tool you can give your employees right now is the opportunity to learn and figure out how to overcome their own challenges – with some guidance and support from you, of course. So, rather than outlining what they need to do, discuss it with them: where do they think the problems lie, what do they think will help and what do they need from you? You never know, hearing it from their side may aid with the difficulties you’re facing yourself in terms of dealing with pressures and challenges.

Whilst we’re already undergoing a lot of upheaval and change, making these positive changes can be the first step to helping employees navigate through and successfully riding those tumultuous waves. It’s not just surviving, it’s thriving.

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