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UK study: How does your city rate for working from home?

Lack of space and high living costs make London the worst city in the UK for working from home, according to new research.

Other cities which round out the worst list for remote working include Cardiff, Sheffield, Bristol, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Southampton, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Leeds.

In contrast, Belfast tops the list for best cities for home workers, followed by Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leicester, Cambridge, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth and Liverpool.

The research by online printing company instantprint used a points-based system which took into account population and noise levels, internet download speed and 4G signal strength, the average number of rooms per property, property size and costs, as well as the average cost of living.

Instantprint also surveyed 2,000 UK employees to learn more about how the nation has adapted to remote working – and came up with some interesting results. Only 16% of respondents were making use of a dedicated home office, with 44% saying they worked out of their living room.

Less surprisingly, children were found to be the biggest distraction, followed by partners, pets and chores.

A third of those surveyed said they enjoyed working from home but would prefer to go back to their workplace part-time, but another third said they never wanted to go back to the office.

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