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Want to earn more money? Learn Arabic

Arabic and Mandarin are the top two languages for boosting your earning potential, followed by Dutch, German, and French.

That was the key finding of a new study by online learning platform Preply, drawing on Adzuna data, which highlights how much your salary, on average, could increase if you’re able to speak a second language.

Arabic speakers are the biggest winners, with the study showing an ability to speak the language could potentially increase your salary by a massive 74%. The top five sectors for Arabic-speaking candidates are teaching, accounting and finance, IT, sales, PR, advertising, and marketing.

Mandarin is the second most lucrative language, boosting salaries by a potential 47%. Top sectors for Mandarin speakers include teaching, hospitality and catering, logistics and warehouse, IT and engineering.

Dutch, German and French are also salary boosters in demand across a wide variety of sectors, from accounting and finance to IT and engineering. Other lucrative languages include Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Kirill Bigai, CEO and co-founder at Preply, says: “It’s interesting to see which languages are the most lucrative across the UK and just how in demand they are. Being fluent in two or more languages will always give you an edge over a monolingual candidate when it comes to job interviews and these opportunities exist in many businesses from health care, to education and tourism.”

Preply has created an interactive map highlighting the UK’s lucrative languages, including the top sectors and regions:

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