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Recruiters rely on AI tech ‘but don’t trust it’

Almost three in five recruiters now use AI technology to help them do their jobs, but a significant percentage don’t trust robots to make the right hire.

This was one of the key findings of a survey of UK recruiters and HR professionals commissioned by RS Components, which examines how AI could impact the way we hire, and are hired ourselves, for jobs in the future.

Unsurprisingly, the survey reveals there has been a steady rise of the use of AI technology over the past decade, with just 12% of recruitment professionals using AI 10 years ago compared to 58% today.

However, there are mixed views about how useful it can be – particularly in relation to assessing new talent. Just 10% of women trust a robot to help them hire compared to 27% of men, and older workers tend to be more dubious of AI-influenced decision-making than their younger colleagues. Almost one in five recruiters don’t think AI should be used in recruitment at all.

Those who think more positively see HR tech as a tool to relieve them of the burden of time-consuming every-day tasks. When asked what they thought would improve the most when it came to AI technology, seven out of ten (68%) recruiters cited workload management, followed by improved speed of hiring (67%), sourcing of candidates (61%), and reduced cost of recruitment in the long-term (60%). Just over half pointed to improved diversity of hiring, while only 35% stated improved quality of candidates.

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