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More than half of UK workforce planning a career shift

Sixty percent of UK workers are planning changes to their careers as a result of the pandemic, with the desire for a new challenge highest in the under-25 age group.

A survey of 4,000 adults conducted for insurer Aviva revealed that the impetus for change had increased since July last year, when 53% of respondents were planning career changes.

Gareth Hemming, Managing Director of personal lines at Aviva, said: “As the pandemic has continued, an increasing number of people have given thought to what they want from their careers and now three-fifths of people would like to make changes to their working lives. 

“The extent of these changes varies: in some instances people want more flexibility, such as the ability to work from home, while others wish to change their career paths completely.”

Remote working top choice
The top goal of those seeking something different in their work life was to find a role that allowed them to work from home. This was unchanged from last year, with 10% of respondents putting this top of their wishlists in both surveys.

However, as can be seen in the table below, the proportion of workers looking for a completely new vocation has increased from 7% to 9%, while the number of workers seeking a role that helps others has risen from 6% to 8%.

Source: Aviva

On a more granular level, the research found that those aged under 25 were most likely to be planning career shifts, with 87% hoping to make changes to their work life in the next year.

This age group was also the most likely to want to work from home (13%), be looking for a job that helps others (13%) and be hoping to obtain more academic qualifications (17%).

Those in the 25-34 age group were most likely to want to retrain (14%) or follow a completely different career path (also 14%). 

At the opposite end of the workforce, more people said they wanted to retire than was the case last July. One in seven (14%) workers aged 55 and above said the pandemic had brought forward their retirement plans to within the next 12 months, compared with 11% in July 2020.

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