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  • Wednesday, 5 June 2019 12 00 pm
  • Wednesday, 5 June 2019 4 00 pm

The RI Recruitment Industry Supplier Awards 2019

Our unique and ground-breaking recruitment industry Supplier Awards, which recognise the leading suppliers in the recruitment industry, are now open for 2019.

Why should you try and win one of the most famous and iconic trophies in the business?  Because the winners are chosen by the recruitment industry itself!


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The RI Awards are so highly coveted because they are completely independent and a true reflection of standards. It is your customers, the recruitment agencies themselves, who are the judges. Last year, we received thousands of replies to our online questionnaire and it was these votes that determined our worthy winners.

Every supplier who enters will receive a score based on feedback from their own customers. The highest scoring company in each category will win the unique and highly prized RI trophy. For the highest scoring company across all the categories there will be the ultimate achievement of The Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year 2019.

The Awards are supported by our partners the FCSA.

Behind every successful recruitment company there is a host of market-leading suppliers. You are integral to the growth and success they enjoy, which is why you should compete for our Supplier Awards. They will validate who the premium suppliers are, making it easier for recruitment companies to select the best providers.

How it works:

When you book the categories you want to enter, you will be provided with a link (this will be done in sufficient time to allow you to contact your customers and collect their votes). You then share this link with your recruitment agency clients, who will answer six short key questions about your service. This information will be collated and evaluated to reveal the winners.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, it is your levels of quality and service that are being judged as we use an average score, giving everyone a level playing field.

In order to be considered for the final rankings you must get as many as replies as you can in each Award category you enter. Votes can come from more than one person at a company, but they must use a company, not a personal, email. ​

Once the voting has closed and the data has been collected, we will share the overall findings and replies with you.  This will give you an invaluable insight into how your customers really rate your products and services.

This year, we will be celebrating the best suppliers in the sector at a brand new venue - The Grand Connaught Rooms, London. Join us at the Awards luncheon on Wednesday 5th June 2019 where we will reveal the Top 5 in each category, the category winners and the Overall Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year.

Below are the questions featured on the questionnaire - these are rated from 1-10

- Customer Service Level Including Problem Solving

- Initial Sign-up or On-boarding Process

- Value for Money

- The service exceeded my expectations

- I would recommend their services


Friday 16th November 2018 – The Awards are open!!

Friday 1ST ​ March 2019 – All suppliers will be provided with a link to the questionnaire
Friday 31st May 2019 - Online questionnaire is closed
Wednesday 5th June 2019 – Awards lunch at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


Best Accountancy Firm
Best Business Support Services
Best Banking & Financial Services Provider  
Best for Contractor Services
Best Recruitment CRM
Best Overall Technology Solution
Best Legal Service for Recruitment
Best Payroll Provider
Best Recruitment Training Provider
The Innovator of the Year

The Best Newcomer

The Best Corporate Finance/M&A Provider

All organisations who enter will also be automatically entered into the top accolade of

The Overall Provider of the Year.

To enter the Recruitment Industry Supplier Awards is only £345 + VAT per category.


Sponsored By 

Best Accountancy Firm


Best Business Support Services


Best Banking & Financial Services Provider

Best for Contractor Services


Best Recruitment CRM


Best Overall Technology Solution


Best Legal Service for Recruitment


Best Payroll Provider


Best Recruitment Training Provider


The Innovator of the Year


The Best Newcomer

The Best Corporate Finance/M&A Provider

FAQs for suppliers:

Why should I enter?
Don't you want to be voted the best supplier? The process for winning or being listed in the Top 5 is independent and voted for by recruiters. Many organisations will go to external sources to evaluate their offering. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what a great service and product range you supply to the industry as well as truly evaluating the service you are offering to your clients. Think of the Awards as an extension of Trip Advisor or a Net Promoter Score.

Can I enter more than one category? 
You can enter as many categories as you wish as long as they are relevant to your business. You will pay £345 + VAT per category you would like to enter – there are no discounts for entering multiple categories.

What if I don’t get as many votes as the larger organisations in my field? 
As we take an average score, it doesn’t matter. Providing you get at least 25 replies in each Award category you are entering, we will be able to accurately rank you.

Will I get a logo if I win? 
If you are listed in the Top 5 for each category you will receive a logo for your marketing materials. This will be available after the event. For the organisations winning each Award you will receive a special winners’ logo.

What sort of marketing will organisations get after the event? 
Recruitment International will do a double page spread featuring all our winners. This is a great opportunity to gain some additional exposure.

What sort of marketing will organisations get prior to the event? 
There will be marketing prior to the event in order to ensure agencies are entering votes for their suppliers. This marketing will be done through the magazine, news emails and on all our social media channels. We encourage all suppliers to engage with us through all these mediums.

Plus the earlier you sign up the longer your branding is on our site – so book early!

Do I have to attend the lunch? 
There is no obligation to attend the presentation lunch. It would be great to see as many entrants as possible. As no winners will be announced until the day I am sure you would want to be present if you did win!

Who can I bring to the lunch?  
It is up to you; once you purchase your ticket/s or a table you can bring along colleagues or clients.

Do I get any free tickets to the lunch? 
There are no complimentary tickets to the lunch. All organisations must purchase their tickets individually.

How much are the tickets to the lunch? 
This is still to be confirmed. As soon as this information is available all organisations will receive full instructions to book. We will ensure the tickets are as affordable as possible, because we would like as many suppliers as possible to attend.

Who will be at the lunch? 
All organisations can bring along any internal staff, existing or potential clients, business partners from outside the industry and anyone they wish to be working with.

Is the process GDPR compliant?
We will only share the overall votes that you receive and therefore the process is robust and compliant.