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  • Thursday, 8 December 2016 9 30 am
  • Thursday, 8 December 2016 12 00 pm

Corporate Membership - Leadership not management

This event will be held 8th December 2016


For whom: All staff that that have the responsibility for the performance of others.


Scope: This session deals with how to transform a management culture to a leadership style culture.


We will look at:

The essential differences between management and leadership

Why, where and when a change of style may be appropriate

How to acquire leadership skills

The role of culture, engagement and empowerment

Problem analysis and decision making

Winning enthusiastic commitment


Managers exist to make sure established systems and procedures are followed.

Leaders inspire others to deliver results and more. Accomplished leaders are an essential component of business growth. This seminar will explore how you can inject more practical leadership skills into your business.

Mark de Stadler - Trainer & Senior Engagement Specialist at Dale Carnegie Training



Mark has a passion and enthusiasm for people development that is translated in his energy and desire to get tangible business results in the training he is involved in, making him a dynamic coach & mentor. He coaches participants to achieve breakthroughs and revels in serving his clients to unlock their potential.


Client Experience:
Since becoming a Dale Carnegie certified trainer in 2011, Mark has worked to develop key long-term performance shifts in organisations and individuals across a range of sectors. Some of Mark’s current clients include Channel 4, Mount Anvil, Unilever, Citco and TripAdvisor, with whom Mark has not only trained but also coached, mentored and consulted throughout their Dale Carnegie experiences.


Industry Experience:
Mark has a strong background in sales and sales management. He had already excelled in the sales arena by 2009, when he joined Dale Carnegie Training in London. As a Dale Carnegie Engagement Specialist in the UK, Mark has worked within a wide range of different sectors that include: Oil & Gas, Travel, Finance, Retail, Advertising & PR, Banking and Managed Services.


Trainer Certification & Education:
Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. - Licensed Core Competency and Presentations Trainer at Dale Carnegie. Mark predominantly delivers in the areas that cover Presentations, Sales, Effective Communication and Management.  Mark graduated from Cape Town Peninsula University in 2003 with a BA in Public Relations.


Language Fluency:
English, Afrikaans, French (limited proficiency)



Ticket: £100 inc. VAT

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Recruitment International's  VIP Club has a whole host of benefits including bespoke learning events brought to an intimate group to allow real insight into the specific subject. These events will be hosted every other month and will bring our members bespoke learning opportunities not available elsewhere.

If you are not currently in our VIP Club but would be interested in joining please contact Teri Etherington: for more information.

Throughout 2016 we will be holding a number of events for our VIP Club. These events will be aimed at all individuals within a recruitment agency starting with consultants who are moving into a team leader or management position and moving right through to those being appointed to the board.

The events will all be half day learning events where delegates will have the opportunity to discuss challenges they are facing in a relaxed environment within their peer group. Leading the events will be speakers with extensive experience coaching, mentoring and working within the recruitment sector.