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  • Friday, 17 June 2016 12 00 pm
  • Friday, 17 June 2016 4 31 pm

VIP Event - Dale Carnegie Training (II)

This event will be held 17th June 2016 in London

Employee Engagement


Government research confirms that organisations with high levels of Employee Engagement consistently outperform expectations and have a noticeably low staff turnover rate.

Engaged Employees are:

More customer focused

More Creative

More efficient and effective

Care about the organisation and its objectives

Have less absenteeism

Stay longer and go the extra mile

This two-hour session will evidence why Employee Engagement is an essential aspect of modern successful businesses.

We will explore the four critical enablers that good businesses use to ensure engagement.

We will examine the role of personal development in implementing the four enablers.

Course participants will be involved with a different training experience that will profoundly affect the way they look at their business situation and empower them to make a real difference in the work place.

It has been said that only we can motivate ourselves. In other words, each individual is responsible for maintaining their own energy, drive, and consistent productivity. While most of us see that this is clearly true to a large extent, it is still the responsibility of leaders to create a work environment where this is encouraged to happen. Second to that most business leaders also need to have effective presentations skills to persuade and motivate their team members. Many individuals underestimate the amount of time that they spend in persuasive presentations.  One of the goals of this workshop is to help every participant see how often they are persuading others to take action and how there are simples structure you can follow to become better at it.

Some leaders are responsible for work environments characterized by a lack of confidence, direction, enthusiasm, and creativity. Motivation and teamwork are minimal, both at the individual and team levels. Other leaders excel at creating an organisational environment where their teams feel motivated to achieve ever higher levels of performance and success. Team members are energized by their careers and the work they perform. Teams work collaboratively and creatively to achieve organisational goals. 

Competencies that are addressed:
Primary Competency
• Leadership— Drives business results by aligning the vision, mission, and values to enhance business value. Is able to enlist the willing cooperation of others, while tapping into their highest skills and abilities, to achieve desired results. 
• Influence— Consistently directs situations and inspires people for an all-win environment. 
• Teamwork— Organizes work tasks, people, and resources to deliver most effectively on organization goals.

Related Competency
• Human Resource 

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
•    Recognise the leader’s role as a motivator
•    Develop greater awareness of the needs that drive people
•    Follow a proven structure for persuasion
•    Recognise the relationship between expectations and motivation
•    Apply the power of evidence

Robin Rose FIRP 

With over 25 years’ experience in senior level human resource consultancy I have been fortunate to have worked with many blue chip organisations and SMEs at board level.

Now semi-retired I spend my time career managing MBA graduates worldwide, working with The Dale Carnegie organisation and advising on sensitive board level issues.

Supporting the Recruitment industry

Everyone knows that the future of any business is determined by the skills, experience and commitment of the personnel employed. When it comes to evaluating organisations for mergers, acquisition or floatation it is the quality of the team that significantly affects the perceived value of the business. You are as good as the team that reports to you.

As a passed coach and examiner for the REC Robin is well placed to assist recruitment companies diagnose their strengths and develop strategies for growth.

As a senior level mentor he can assist with the implementation of strategy.

By utilising a number of advanced diagnostic tools it is possible to develop practical strategies that can be simply and quickly employed to make a difference.

This can be achieved confidentially and cost effectively.

Recruitment International's  VIP Club has a whole host of benefits including bespoke learning events brought to an intimate group to allow real insight into the specific subject. These events will be hosted every other month and will bring our members bespoke learning opportunities not available elsewhere.

If you are not currently in our VIP Club but would be interested in joining please contact Teri Etherington: for more information.

Throughout 2016 we will be holding a number of events for our VIP Club. These events will be aimed at all individuals within a recruitment agency starting with consultants who are moving into a team leader or management position and moving right through to those being appointed to the board.

The events will all be half day learning events where delegates will have the opportunity to discuss challenges they are facing in a relaxed environment within their peer group. Leading the events will be speakers with extensive experience coaching, mentoring and working within the recruitment sector.