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  • Thursday, 24 March 2016 4 18 pm
  • Thursday, 24 March 2016 4 18 pm

VIP Event - Specialism, Social Media & Being a Magnet To Your Industry

This event will be held 24th March in London.

Recruitment International's VIP Club has a whole host of benefits including bespoke learning events brought to an intimate group to allow real insight into the specific subject. These events will be hosted every other month and will bring our members bespoke learning opportunities not available elsewhere.

If you are not currently in our VIP Club and you are interested in joining please contact Teri Etherington: for more information 


Steve Ward - Social Recruiting

Steve Ward is a recruitment professional of 22 years, and in recent years known as the founder of CloudNine; the first specialist recruiter of social media talent within the UK, and early adopter of Social Recruiting methods - learned from the industry from which he recruits. Having left CloudNine with it's parent company in September 2015, he is now an advisor, digital mentor and non-executive director to recruiting organisations, as well as interim recruiter for digital hires. Steve focuses his writing on de-mystifying some of the spin on social recruiting, and focuses on what makes actual impact for recruitment teams. 

In this session, Steve will discuss how to make a recruitment agency a magnet to it's target industry; how effective social media helps build a strong brand, develop candidate experience, ignite referrals and recommendation led business, and enhance the business development effort - as well as inbound candidate attraction. He will also emphasis how social media in recruitment isn't purely about online activity, but creating offline opportunities - and what the most effective of those opportunities might be, and how to use them productively. 

Ticket: £100 + VAT

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