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Magazine Front Cover

Take your place in History!

The front cover of Recruitment International magazine is THE place to promote your company as it
provides a unique opportunity to publicise your brand through the reputation and presence of the
longest established trade magazine in the recruitment industry. It’s a feature that will motivate your current consultants, attract new recruiters and help you to win more business!

The opportunity includes all of the following:

• Your brand and image will be featured on the front cover of RI magazine.
• In the issue you have 4 further pages. Or you can spread these pages across several issues.
• This space is yours to tell your story, the text can be written by RI and approved by you.
• Alternatively you can supply everything to your own specifications.
• RI will provide  a pdf of the pages so that your team can use them for publicity & promotions across all marketing channels
• The cover image will appear on the home page of RI’s website – linked back to you for maximum response.
• Being digital the campaign is fully interactive  with linked URL’s, video's, animation, emails etc.

The Promotion is ideal for:
• Attracting new recruiters
• Motivating existing staff
• Winning clients
• Helping to identify M&A targets
• Industry profile

In the past recruiters have used the promotion for a number of reasons:
• To publicise acquisitions, announce new key people, celebrate achievements or anniversaries.
• To reinforce market positions or announce new ventures.
• The RI front cover is unique because it works for you across so many levels.

Find out more from the download or call David Head for further details.

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